Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Video - Rihanna and Calvin Harris - "We Found Love"

This video screams Skins UK circa the 2nd generation with Effy Stonem and her love triangle between Freddie and Cook. Rihanna portrays a North England (or perhaps Ireland) girl in a crazy relationship with a Chris Brown look-a-like. There are drugs, sex, fights, and just pure craziness in this relationship. Check it out!

Now for those of you who are wondering why I am making a reference to Skins UK, check out this scene. Notice the similarities? If you watch Seasons 3 and 4 of this show you'll see how bizarre this relationship gets.

The fashion in this video is also very Effy-esque. Despite the usage of denim in Riri's wardrobe, the shorts, lingerie, and dark makeup scream Effy.

Effy Style:

Taken from Haiku Couture

Taken from Haiku Couture


Taken from Def Glam

Think Effy's style but with a hood twist. I commend Rihanna for taking fashion risks in her videos. They may not understand it now, but a couple months down the line all the girls will be rockin' her outfits.

Now as far as the song itself goes, I also commend Rihanna for working with such an awesome DJ. Calvin Harris is one of my favorite dance DJs. I like him more than David Guetta and Benny Bennassi put together. Check out his collaboration with Kelis on the hit "Bounce" below:

This man produces infectious beats. I cannot wait to hear more from him. Enjoy!

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