Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Review of Solange's "True" and Our Love for African Print

Solange Knowles is the cooler Knowles sister. Don't get us wrong, I LOVE Beyonce. But people often miss the fact that Solange is one of the creative geniuses behind Beyonce's success. She is way ahead of our time. I am absolutely happy that Solange has released a new album called "True." 

Taken from VegasNews.Com

Knowles' EP, "True" is a collection of 7 uniquely constructed tracks that are reminiscent of Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" days. The EP starts with the critically acclaimed "Losing You," which is a feel good, semi-disco melody about a sad situation (oh the irony of it all). "Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work" and "Locked in Closets" both sound like tracks straight from the 80's with Solange's signature gritty and honest lyricism that we have grown to love.

LOVE "Lovers In the Parking Lot". I love this track so much that I am giving you a taste of it ahead of time.

I am a sucker for dope R&B tracks. Solange, you hit the nail on the head with a humongous sledge hammer on this one. The piano background on the chorus, the contagious beat, the melody of her voice, the depth of her lyrics. I LOVE it all.

Now let's discuss this video....

Solange and her crew took a trip to South Africa to film the video for "Losing You." While the video may look like a 4 minute commercial for Asos (clearly the main focus of this video was the fashion), it showcases Solange's unique style. This woman is a trendsetter. She can pull off mixing bright prints with just about anything. Apparently so can the rest of the people who are in her entourage in this video. Check out our favorite styles below: 

Taken from Rap Up

Taken from Vibe

Solange boldly mixed bright, 70's inspired prints with other bright prints and colors in such an effortless way. Now as a working girl, I am constantly trying to find new ways to spruce up my work wardrobe, especially when I have to attend work events. I am a huge fan of Solange's bright orange 70's power suit with the high-waisted pants. I was also a huge fan of the orange print and green shirt ensemble. Both power-woman outfits make a powerful statement in any board room.

Solange does not produce cookie cutter R&B. Many people tend to underestimate her talent. However, not everyone can see a prodigy in the making. To be a fan of Solange whether it be of her music, her fashion, or her DJing, means that you recognize amazing things before everyone else does. Her album "True" is a must listen and we cannot wait to see what Solange comes up with in the future. 

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